【GF百年灵黑鸟V3加强版】主要在V2版本基础上进行以下升级: 一:表带采用纹理与原装一模一样的科技合成面料,并高温处理过,进一步加强对版程度,此面料瑞士进口,数量稀少,制作成本高,所以只能装配在V3版上面。 二:机芯采用top级打磨铣花自动上链式机芯,并以10选1的概率挑选出数据最完美的机芯打上ETA2824-2钢印(其它版本没有)。 GF黑鸟表壳技术重点:1,外圈刻字的底纹细腻处理!2,表扣LOGO的焊接技术。3,双弧面蓝宝石表镜蓝色防炫膜的颜色及通透度。4,表壳碳氮化处理、镀晶处理,抗氧化、不变黑!(所有GF黑鸟的表壳均经过72小时耐磨测试+盐雾测试) ️温馨提示:V3加强版会与V2版本同时在售,您可以选择更高配置的V3,也可以选择性价比更高的V2。

[GF breitling blackbird V3 enhanced edition] mainly carries out the following upgrades based on V2 version: 1. The strap is made of synthetic fabric with exactly the same texture as the original one, and has been treated at high temperature to further strengthen the degree of edition alignment. This fabric is imported from Switzerland, with few quantities and high production cost, so it can only be assembled on V3 edition. II. The movement adopts top-level grinding and milling automatic chain movement, and the movement with the most perfect data is selected with the probability of one out of ten and stamped with ETA2824-2 steel seal (not available in other versions). GF Blackbird Case Technical Key Points: 1. Delicate shading of outer ring lettering! 2. Welding technology of watch button LOGO. 3. The color and transparency of the blue anti-glare film of double-cambered sapphire mirror. 4. Carbonitriding treatment and crystal plating treatment of watchcase, anti-oxidation and no blackening! (All GF blackbird cases have passed 72-hour wear test+salt spray test) Tips: V3 enhanced version will be sold at the same time as V2 version. you can choose V3 with higher configuration or V2 with higher cost performance.