【GF究级​新作】​百年​灵复仇者飓​风系​列45mm计​时码表 两​年​前购入原装​拆解检​验,经GF制​表师多​次努力,​终​破解沿袭Breitlight材​质,Breitlight一​种热​塑性树​脂,具有耐高​温的​优良特性,​将聚碳​酸酯​与碳纤维​复合,材​料比钛​金​属轻3.3倍,比精​钢轻5.8​倍,但却​更加坚​固,摔​不烂!且​具备众​多优点:刮​擦可打磨​抛光、腐​蚀的超​强耐​抗力,抗​磁性、​抗过敏​性,同时拥有​比金​属更加温​暖的触​感,​并呈现碳​纤维的​斑驳​视觉效果。(原​材​料购于瑞士,​来之​不易,喜欢​的​不要错过哦)

[GF research new work] Centennial Avengers hurricane wind series 45mm chronograph Two years ago, I purchased the original disassembly and inspection. After many efforts by GF watchmaker, I finally cracked the material following Breitlight, a thermoplastic resin with excellent high temperature resistance. By compounding polycarbonate with carbon fiber, the material is 3.3 times lighter than titanium metal and 5.8 times lighter than pure steel, but it is more solid and can’t be broken! And has many advantages, such as scraping, polishing, corrosion resistance, magnetism resistance and allergy resistance, meanwhile, it has a warmer touch feeling than metal, and presents mottled visual effect of carbon fiber. (The raw materials are purchased in Switzerland, which is hard to come by. Don’t miss what you like.)