GF-百年灵挑战者自动机械腕表(Colt Automatic) 【尺寸】表径44.00 毫米,表厚11.25 毫米 【表壳】瑞士进口316L精钢(有表友表示复刻表经过佩戴会比较容易变黑,正品却没那么容易变黑。没错!就是因为材质的原因,GF挑战者采用的正是与原装一样的材质) 【表镜】超通透双面防眩蓝宝石表镜,如果不是因为镀了蓝膜的话你可能会以为表镜不见了 【表盘】表盘的刻度使用油压技术成型,一气呵成!再由GF制表师手工填充瑞士超级夜光粉,完美还原正品! 【机芯】复刻eta2824-2型机芯,top级打磨,相似度爆棚!质量更稳定! 【防水】5ATM深度防水测试 一款专为军方设计制造的腕表。缎纹磨砂表圈上饰有四枚百年灵腕表标识性的表圈指示器,不仅能确保最佳的旋转操控性,还能有效的保护表镜,GF精湛的打磨技艺完美展现了原型表款的魅力!

GF- breitling challenger automatic watch (Colt Automatic) [Size] The surface diameter is 44.00mm and the surface thickness is 11.25mm. [Case] Switzerland imported 316L from fine steel (some watch friends said that the replica watch will turn black easily when worn, but the authentic one is not so easy to turn black. That’s right! It is because of the material that GF Challenger uses the same material as the original one) [Watch mirror] Super transparent double-sided anti-glare sapphire watch mirror, if it is not because of the blue film plating, you may think that the watch mirror is gone. [Dial] The scale of the dial is formed by oil pressure technology, and it can be completed in one go! Then GF watchmaker manually fills Swiss super luminous powder, which perfectly restores the genuine products! [movement] eta2824-2 movement is duplicated, polished at top level, and the similarity is bursting! The quality is more stable! [waterproof] 5ATM deep waterproof test A wrist watch specially designed and manufactured for the military. The satin frosted bezel is decorated with four Breitling wristwatch logo bezel indicators, which can not only ensure the best rotation maneuverability, but also effectively protect the watch mirror. GF’s exquisite grinding skills perfectly show the charm of the prototype watch!