GF厂-极致限量 全新复仇者缩略图

GF厂-极致限量 全新复仇者

GF-极致限量 全新百年灵复仇者二代世界时间黑钢中国大陆限量版(Avenger II GMT Blacksteel China Edition)
尺寸(Size)43 mm x 12.5 mm
材质(Case) 黑钢表壳
拥有冷峻稳重的黑钢表壳,劲酷动感的航空模制数字时标镌刻其上,搭配红色Diver Pro III深潜橡胶表带,尽显原创技术风格。质感出众的碳纤维表盘上,红色内侧表圈、红色指针、红色日历框点缀其间,将中国传统的红色元素与原创设计完美融合,静谧之中蕴含热情。超凡坚固的黑钢表壳(直径43mm,厚度12.2mm),GF承诺每一块表都做到100%三度防水测试,搭载性能稳定的海鸥2836自动上弦机械机芯。

GF- Extreme Limited Edition The new Breitling Avengers II World Time Chinese mainland Kurogane Limited Edition
Size)43 mm x 12.5 mm
Functions, minutes, seconds, calendar and GMT are displayed
Movement (Monvement) Seagull 2836 self-winding movement changed to GMT function
Crystal sapphire mirror surface
Material (Case) Kurogane case
Strap rubber strap
Waterproof (Water)50 meters
It has a cool and stable Kurogane case, which is engraved with a cool and dynamic aviation molded digital time scale, and is matched with a red Diver Pro III deep diving rubber strap, showing its original technical style. The carbon fiber dial with outstanding texture is dotted with red inner bezel, red hands and red calendar frame, which perfectly blends Chinese traditional red elements with original design, and contains enthusiasm in quietness. Exceptionally strong Kurogane case (diameter 43mm, thickness 12.2mm), GF promises that every watch will be tested for 100% three-degree waterproof, and it is equipped with Seagull 2836 self-winding mechanical movement with stable performance.