JF厂- 航空计时 钢带缩略图

JF厂- 航空计时 钢带

JF-百年灵Breitling 航空计时 钢带
J12厂的百年灵Navitimer 01(航空计时 01系列)。这只表是1:1制作的,之前有很多版本的Navitimer 01系列,做工层次不齐。目前
为止这是仅有的1:1真品开模制作而成的航空计时 01系列,非常不错。表带也很有质感,表扣的做工也很好。机芯采用的是A7750机芯,
尺寸 43mmx14mm
功能 小时,分针,秒针,日历,计时
机芯 国产7750机芯(asian 7750 automatic movement )
镜面 蓝宝石镜面
材质 钢表壳
防水 30米

JF- Breitling Aviation Timing Steel Strip
Breitling Navitimer 01 (aviation chronograph 01 series) from J12 factory. This watch is made at 1: 1. There are many versions of Navitimer 01 series before, and the workmanship level is uneven. At present
So far, this is the only aviation chronograph 01 series made by 1: 1 genuine mold opening, which is very good. The strap is also very textured, and the buckle is also well made. The movement adopts the A7750 movement.
Pendulum has been reworked and plated with platinum, which is very beautiful. The movement was originally washed, but now it is sandblasted, which is closer to the original, and the screws of the movement are all white metal screws, look
It is integrated with the movement and has no bad feelings. There are three surfaces to choose from: black, dark blue and white. Navitimer can be regarded as Breitling’s ace series, and there are many people who like it, if you
Like this series, it is recommended to choose this one.
Dimensions 43mmx14mm
Function hour, minute hand, second hand, calendar, timing
Chinese 7750 movement (asian 7750 automatic movement)
Mirror sapphire mirror
Material steel case
Waterproof 30 meters