JF- 航空计时 精钢表链缩略图

JF- 航空计时 精钢表链

JF-百年灵腕表 航空计时 精钢表链
当然也有 百年灵航空计时男式腕表43mm的尺寸的。都和真货对应的型号尺寸相同,一比一的工艺。
尺寸 46mm x 16mm
功能 计时码表
机芯 国产7750机芯
镜面 蓝宝石镜面(无色镀膜)
材质 316F钢表壳
表带 316钢表带
防水 50米

Jf- Breitling Watch Aviation Chronograph fine steel Watch Chain This aviation chronograph is made by jf Factory at 1: 1. It is a super complicated literal. fine steel’s strap and large diameter of 46mm are suitable for customers with thick arms. Of course, there are also Breitling Air chronograph men’s watches with the size of 43mm. All of them are the same size as the models corresponding to the real products, with one-to-one process. Size 46mm x 16mm Functional chronograph movement Domestic 7750 movement mirror sapphire mirror (colorless coating) Material 316f steel watchcase strap 316 steel watchband waterproof 50 meters