ZF厂 新品百年灵航空计时系列三针腕表缩略图

ZF厂 新品百年灵航空计时系列三针腕表

ZF持续出击【简约大方 清新俊逸】

ZF continues to attack [simple, generous, fresh and elegant]
ZF’s new Breitling aviation chronograph series three-pin wrist watch-simple design, fresh appearance. The whole is elegant and bold, showing the heroic spirit of men.
[Case] The shell with simple specifications looks simple, but it is exquisite, and the details of the anti-slip teeth at the ring mouth are neat and exquisite. Every work piece is the crystallization of ZF watchmaker’s hard work.
[Dial] satin disk with strong texture, and 12 Arabic numerals are perfectly filled with oil. Elegant effect and original workmanship.
[Movement] adopts the top Seagull 2824 automatic winding movement, and the debugging calendar and winding feel are synchronized with genuine products.
ZF new products are on the shelves, and you are welcome to taste them from all walks of life