[GF spurious artifact-the strongest blackbird reconnaissance plane] V2 upgraded version _ Breitling Avengers blackbird reconnaissance plane 44mm watch has finally arrived. This time, several shortcomings of V1 version have been corrected. The upgrade details are as follows:
1 outer ring upgrade: the shading of the V1 version of the outer ring is slightly rough, and the GF watchmaker has finally made a delicate shading after numerous attempts.
2 luminous correction: correcting the defect of inconsistent color between pointer luminous and dial luminous.
3 Case upgrade: The case and bottom cover of V1 are also easy to “get dirty”. Therefore, after studying by GF watchmaker, it is found that the original genuine case is coated, which is similar to “car crystal plating” (which may be easier to understand). The coating can not only resist fingerprints, resist oxidation and blackening, but also increase wear resistance (all blackbird cases have undergone 72-hour wear test and salt spray test), which can make drops of water become beads. You can try it when you get it.
GF blackbird is here, who else?