TW厂新品【黑钛羽翼 搏击长空】百年灵黑鸟侦察机腕表缩略图

TW厂新品【黑钛羽翼 搏击长空】百年灵黑鸟侦察机腕表

TW新品【黑钛羽翼 搏击长空】百年灵黑鸟侦察机腕表,火热呈现。劲酷的钛合金外壳搭配烟煤色Military军用表带,尽显品牌的阳刚魅力,又带来轻盈舒适的便捷体验。

TW’s new product [Black Titanium Wings Fight the Sky] Breitling Blackbird Reconnaissance Watch is hot. The cool titanium alloy shell is matched with the bituminous Military strap, which shows the masculine charm of the brand and brings light, comfortable and convenient experience.
[Case] 44mmX12.7mm fits the original size. Vacuum ion plating technology (pressing the color into titanium alloy with high pressure) is used to increase the density and hardness of the coating, so that the watch has the quality to overcome all difficult environments and never fade. The color of luminous beads at the ring mouth is synchronous and genuine, and a sapphire crystal glass is inlaid on the outside of luminous beads, so the process and material are synchronous and original.
[Dial] The calendar font and the logo on the disk are superimposed and printed, which will feel slightly raised when viewed from the side. The ground color lines on the disk surface have been filtered and corrected numerous times to ensure that they are 100% consistent with the original ones. The Breitling metal LOGO on it is opened separately, and it can be PK original whether it is three-dimensional or round.
“Watch mirror” arc sapphire crystal glass, double-sided light blue high-transmission coating, the effect will never double, consistent with genuine products.