Armani 阿玛尼满天星香槟金钢带女士石英手表缩略图

Armani 阿玛尼满天星香槟金钢带女士石英手表

全国联保!!正品!正品!Armani 阿玛尼香槟金钢带女士手表,这款表最近非常火,深的小仙女的喜爱,型号AR11059香槟金钢带石英表,表盘直径32mm 316精钢表带,香槟金表盘,矿物质玻璃镜面,施华洛世奇公司水钻。蝴蝶双按扣,设计超级精致,表盘表链都都十分简约大气,整个气质马上不一样了,小红书剁手款,美腻的不行不行,生活防水30米。保证正品!无佩戴支持退换!

Nationwide warranty! ! Genuine! Genuine! Armani Armani champagne gold band ladies’ watch, which is very popular recently and deeply loved by little fairies, is AR11059 champagne gold band quartz watch with dial diameter of 32mm 316 fine steel strap, champagne gold dial, mineral glass mirror, and Swarovski rhinestones. Butterflies have double snap buttons, the design is super exquisite, the dial and bracelet are very simple and atmospheric, and the whole temperament is different immediately. Xiaohongshu chops the hand, which is too beautiful to be bored with, and the life is waterproof for 30 meters. Guarantee genuine products! Return without wearing support!