Armani 阿玛尼满天星缩略图

Armani 阿玛尼满天星

Armani 阿玛尼满天星女士手表型号AR1926间金、AR1925银色 表盘直径32mm 316精钢表带。阿玛尼满天星的钻采用进口施华洛世奇水晶钻,普钻的直径PP0/PP1国内无法切割,因为他没有钻石的硬度矿物质玻璃镜面,蝴蝶双按扣!

Armani Armani Baby Lady Watch Model AR1926 Gold and AR1925 Silver Dial Diameter 32mm 316 fine steel Strap. Armani’s diamond is made of imported Swarovski crystal diamond. The diameter of general diamond PP0/PP1 can’t be cut in China, because he doesn’t have the hardness of mineral glass mirror in DIA, and the butterfly has double snap buttons!