ar1995 无与伦比的女士潮款缩略图

ar1995 无与伦比的女士潮款

ar1995 无与伦比的女士潮款 特殊的碎花图案演绎了高难度的制作工艺 这个夏季 戴相互新花样! 型号:Ar1995 尺寸:32mm 表壳材质:316L精钢 表带:进口牛皮高温烫印彩色碎纹 表面:珍珠贝母面 由于其制作的工艺比正常手表复杂 所以产量不多 亲们要快快下手哟!

ar1995 Unparalleled ladies’ money The special floral pattern deduces the difficult production process Wear each other’s new tricks this summer! Type: Ar1995 Size: 32mm Case material: 316L fine steel Strap: Imported cowhide hot stamping color broken lines Surface: Pearl and Fritillaria noodles Because its production process is more complicated than normal watches, so the output is not much, parents should start quickly!