型号:AR1935 材质:316L精钢表壳表带 字面:银色面 机芯:原石英机芯 尺寸:直径22mm,厚度7mm 玫瑰金钉面搭配简约白色 优雅时尚女表,气质典范! (所有原单型号可上网搜索_底盖附有相应型号二维码)

Type: AR1935 Material: 316L fine steel watchcase strap Literally: silver movement: original Shi Ying movement size: 22mm in diameter and 7mm in thickness. Rose gold nail surface is matched with simple white elegant fashion women’s watch, which is a model of temperament! (All original models can be searched online _ the bottom cover is accompanied by the corresponding model QR code)


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