XF:骚蓝青铜大飞.45mm 自动机械缩略图

XF:骚蓝青铜大飞.45mm 自动机械

XF:最美 真Li 时Pilot 骚蓝青铜大飞. 搞事情!️特价️活动来袭!数量不多!卖完绝版!! 蓝铜大飞,表圈采用钛金属材质,并经过缎面拉丝处理。哑光蓝色表盘上装点超大白色荧光数字时标和指针,确保完美辨读性。以青铜和钛金属表壳搭配深蓝色表盘、蓝色小牛皮表带(白色缝线)青铜洋葱头。极具鲜明个性。只有天空才是它的极限!

XF: when Li is the most beautiful, it’s like Pilot Sao’s blue bronze flies. Do things! Special offer is coming! Not many! Sold out of print! ! Blue copper flies, and the bezel is made of titanium, which has been brushed with satin. The matte blue dial is decorated with super white fluorescent digital hour markers and hands to ensure perfect readability. Bronze and titanium case with dark blue dial, blue calfskin strap (white stitching) and bronze onion. Very distinctive personality. Only the sky is its limit!