【ND厂】ZENITH -指挥官机械表缩略图

【ND厂】ZENITH -指挥官机械表

ND出品 ZENITH真力时指挥官机械表 型号:03.2270.6150 机芯:采用真力时自主开发和制造的新款Elite 6150机芯 ,零误差(Elite机芯型号数字都是“6”开头,因是150周年纪念,所以型号定为6150)机芯型号与手表型号一致 腕表采用的为42mm的直径设计,原装1比1开模,卵石拱形外观,搭配凹槽式表冠,流畅的曲线与符合人体工学设计的表耳相得益彰,完美贴合手腕,简约而不简单。

ND produced ZENITH’s commander’s mechanical watch Model: 03.2270.6150 Movement: The new Elite 6150 movement independently developed and manufactured when adopting True Force has zero error (the number of Elite movement models starts with “6”, so the model is set as 6150 because it is the 150th anniversary). The movement model is consistent with the watch model. The wristwatch is designed with a diameter of 42mm, the original 1: 1 mold is opened, the pebble arch appearance is matched with the grooved crown, the smooth curve complements the ergonomic design of the ear, and fits the wrist perfectly, which is simple but not simple.