ZENITH Elite菁英系列经典计时码表缩略图

ZENITH Elite菁英系列经典计时码表

ZENITH真力时 2016年最新款式,真力时Elite菁英系列经典计时码表的表盘设计开阔清朗,不仅省略了传统出现在6点位置的小秒针表盘,更以纤细疏落的字体为时光“留白”。银色表盘采用极其细腻的太阳纹打磨,搭配镌刻时标和纤长的树叶形指针, 直径42毫米的超薄表壳采用精钢或玫瑰金材质,呈现卵石造型,凹槽式表冠与长方形按钮更添与众不同特色,流畅的曲线与依照人体工学设计的表耳相得益彰,完美贴合手腕,毫不张扬又卓绝雅致,搭载稳定7750机芯!

ZENITH Zenith is the latest style in 2016, and the dial design of Elite Elite series classic chronograph is open and clear, which not only omits the traditional small second hand dial which appears at 6 o’clock, but also “leaves blank” for time with slim and sparse fonts. The silver dial is polished with extremely delicate sun patterns, matched with engraved hour markers and long leaf-shaped hands. The ultra-thin case with a diameter of 42 mm is made of fine steel or rose gold, showing pebble shape. The grooved crown and rectangular buttons add distinctive features. The smooth curve complements the ergonomic design of the ear, which perfectly fits the wrist. It is unobtrusive and elegant, and is equipped with a stable 7750 movement!