Bell & Ross Vintage系列 自动机械腕表缩略图

Bell & Ross Vintage系列 自动机械腕表

Bell & Ross柏莱士是瑞士知名高端军表品牌,以易读性、功能性、精确性和防水度作为4大基本设计原则,质量可靠、精准,适合上山下海飞天拆弹等各种严酷环境,专业首选。这款Vintage系列自动机械腕表 BRWW192-HER-SCA,是柏莱士代表性入门款式,黑色表盘搭配浅茶色的数字时标和夜光指针,完全借鉴二十世纪初期飞机仪表的设计风格。黑色PVD磨砂精钢表壳,表盘直径达到45毫米,并以焊接在表壳上的钢丝圈作为突角,优雅而坚韧,倍显与众不同。蓝宝石表镜,50米防水。 机芯: 自动机械。 功能: 小时,分种,秒。 表壳: 直径45毫米。灰色PVD磨光喷砂钢。 表盘: 黑色镀层。覆有荧光涂层的指示器、数字及指针。 表镜: 防反光弧形蓝宝石。 防水深度: 50米。 表带: 天然小牛皮。 带扣: 扣针。灰色PVD磨光喷砂钢。

Bell & Ross is a well-known high-end military watch brand in Switzerland. Its four basic design principles are readability, functionality, accuracy and waterproofness. Its quality is reliable and accurate, and it is suitable for various harsh environments such as bomb disposal in the mountains, flying in the sea and flying in the sky. This Vintage series automatic mechanical watch BRWW192-HER-SCA is a representative entry style of Perez. Its black dial is matched with light brown digital hour markers and luminous hands, which completely draws on the design style of aircraft instruments in the early 20th century. The black PVD frosted fine steel case has a dial diameter of 45 mm, and the bead ring welded on the case is used as a protruding corner, which is elegant and tough. Sapphire mirror, 50 meters waterproof. Movement: automatic mechanism. Function: hour, minute and second. Case: 45 mm in diameter. Gray PVD polished sandblasting steel. Dial: Black plating. Indicators, numbers and hands coated with fluorescent coating. Watch mirror: anti-reflection arc sapphire. Waterproof depth: 50m. Strap: natural calfskin. Buckle: a buckle pin. Gray PVD polished sandblasting steel.