BR-BR 03-92 AÉRO GT缩略图


BR-柏莱士BR 03-92 AÉRO GT 技术规格 限量发行 500 枚 机芯:自动上弦镂空机械机芯 功能:时针、分针、秒针。 表壳:直径42毫米。缎光抛光精钢 表盘:镂空。金属镶贴时标。金属镂空Superluminova 夜光材料时针和分针。 表镜:带防眩目涂层的蓝宝石水晶玻璃表镜。 防水性能:100米。 表带:黑色小牛皮,缝有红色滚边和超耐磨黑色合成 织物。 表扣:插针式表扣。 缎光抛光精钢。

BR- brix BR 03-92 AÉRO GT technical specifications Limited issue of 500 pieces Movement: Self-winding hollow mechanical movement Functions: hour hand, minute hand and second hand. Case: 42mm in diameter. Satin polished fine steel Dial: hollowed out. Metal inlaid time scale. Metal hollow Superluminova Luminous hour and minute hands. Watch mirror: Sapphire crystal glass watch mirror with anti-glare coating. Waterproof performance: 100m. Strap: black calfskin with red piping and super wear-resistant black synthesis Fabric. Buckle: Pin buckle. Satin polished fine steel.


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