BR- 03-92 BLACK CAMO  机芯:机芯编号 BR-CAL.302缩略图

BR- 03-92 BLACK CAMO 机芯:机芯编号 BR-CAL.302

BR-柏莱仕 03-92 BLACK CAMO 机芯:机芯编号 BR-CAL.302。 自动上弦机械机芯。 功能:时针、分针、秒针和日期。 表壳:直径42毫米。黑色PVD*镀层精钢表壳。 表盘:两片交叠的插片。上部嵌片配黑色和灰色伪装图案,围绕数字和时标进行裁切,露出涂覆黑色Superluminova®夜光材料的下部嵌片,指针涂覆黑色Superluminova®夜光材料。 表镜:带防眩目涂层的蓝宝石水晶玻璃表镜。 防水性能:100米。 表带:黑色橡胶和超弹力黑色合成织物表带。 表扣:插针式表扣。精钢表壳。 Ref: BR0392-CAMO-CE/SRB

BR03-92 BLACK CAMO 03-92 Movement: MovementNo. BR-CAL.302 Self-winding mechanical movement. Functions: hour hand, minute hand, second hand and date. Case: 42mm in diameter. Black PVD* coated fine steel case. Dial: Two overlapping inserts. The upper panel is provided with black and gray camouflage patterns, and is cut around numbers and time scales to expose the lower panel coated with black super luminova luminous material, and the pointer is coated with black super luminova luminous material. Watch mirror: Sapphire crystal glass watch mirror with anti-glare coating. Waterproof performance: 100m. Strap: Black rubber and super elastic black synthetic fabric strap. Buckle: Pin buckle. Fine steel case. Ref: BR0392-CAMO-CE/SRB