【BV+ 匠心之作】全新J12腕表缩略图

【BV+ 匠心之作】全新J12腕表

【BV+ 匠心之作】 全新J12腕表“换芯”献礼20周年 【BV+ 匠心之作】 全新J12腕表“换芯”献礼20周年 《最新版本细节》 1⃣️表壳简化为38毫米男女通杀单一尺寸 2⃣️边缘凹槽从老款30增加至40个,使表盘显得更宽阔 3⃣️表冠直径减少了三分之一,佩戴不顶手 4⃣️圆角抛光的表壳以及链节略微延长的全新表链设计突显整体造型更加纤巧灵动 5⃣️表圈上的数字与时标刻度的字体经过重新设计,更显纤美动人 6⃣️内圈的计时刻度更加精细,增添时标设计 7⃣️指针采取时针与分针同宽设计、更为精致纤巧 8⃣️表针、內圈覆有Superluminova超级夜光涂层 9⃣️密底改造为背透设计、透过底部蓝宝石玻璃,香奈儿专属CALIBER12.1自动上链机械机芯一览无余,更显价值。出货实拍

[BV+ ingenuity] 20th Anniversary of New J12 Watch’s “Core Replacement” [BV+ ingenuity] 20th Anniversary of New J12 Watch’s “Core Replacement” The latest version details 1 case is simplified to a single size of 38 mm for men and women The number of edge grooves has increased from 30 in the old model to 40, which makes the dial appear wider 3 The diameter of the crown is reduced by one third, and it can’t be worn by the hand 4 The polished case with rounded corners and the new bracelet design with slightly extended links highlight the slimmer overall shape 5 The numbers on the bezel and the fonts of the time scales have been redesigned to be more beautiful and moving 6 The timing scale of the inner ring is finer, and the time scale design is added The 7 hands are designed with the same width as the hour hand and the minute hand, which is more delicate and slim 8 hands, inner ring covered with Superluminova super luminous coating, 9 dense bottom transformed into back transparent design, and through the sapphire glass at the bottom, Chanel’s exclusive CALIBER12.1 self-winding mechanical movement can be seen at a glance, showing more value. Shipment real shot