kor香奈儿j12 38mm机械缩略图

kor香奈儿j12 38mm机械

KOR厂出品 韩版CHANEL J12香奈儿INTENSE 重置加强版,采用和正品一致的最新技术,韩国进口陶瓷加工设备,和正品一致的钢化精密陶瓷,整表和正品颜色完全相同。附带正品代购,整套包装,十年之间最佳香奈儿 J12副本 【男38MM 2892精磨机芯 女33MM 原装石英机芯】

KOR Factory produced the Korean version of CHANEL J12 Chanel INTENSE Reset Enhanced Edition, which adopts the latest technology consistent with the genuine products, Korean imported ceramic processing equipment, toughened precision ceramics consistent with the genuine products, and the whole watch has the same color as the genuine products. With genuine purchasing, complete package, the best copy of Chanel J12 in ten years [male 38MM 2892 fine grinding movement female 33MM original Shi Ying movement]