KOR重磅五星推荐 Baselworld 巴塞尔表展 Chanel Mademoiselle J12 腕表 表壳:38mm 表壳由高科技陶瓷制作,具有出色的耐磨性,提供经典的黑色、白色两个颜色版本,表壳一侧可以看到凸圆形的旋入式表冠。表链同样由高科技陶瓷材质制作。 表盘:表盘上呈现了 Coco Chanel 的插画形象,身着黑色和白色的西装短裙,摆动的手臂恰好设计为表盘的时针和分针。为了让时间呈现得更为精确,Coco Chanel 的形象特别设计为伸出食指的造型,生动而具有趣味性。 机芯:搭载定制自动上链机芯,动力储存,走时稳定。 全球限量555枚,KOR引领时尚!

KOR recommended Chanel Mademoiselle J12 watch at Baselworld Exhibition Case: The 38mm case is made of high-tech ceramics and has excellent wear resistance. It is available in classic black and white colors, and a convex screw-in crown can be seen on one side of the case. The bracelet is also made of high-tech ceramic materials. Dial: The illustration image of Coco Chanel is presented on the dial, wearing a black and white suit skirt, and the swinging arm is just designed as the hour hand and minute hand of the dial. In order to present the time more accurately, Coco Chanel’s image is specially designed to stretch out the index finger, which is vivid and interesting. Movement: Equipped with customized self-winding movement, with power storage and stable travel time. Limited to 555 pieces worldwide, KOR leads fashion!