BV厂-宝-OCTO系列腕表 尺寸41mmx10mm 海鸥2824订制机芯改成BVL193 机芯外观尺寸一致 -宝-OCTO系列腕表 尺寸41mmx10mm 海鸥2824订制机芯改成BVL193 机芯外观尺寸一致 1:表壳采用316精钢材质,CNC数控雕刻,工厂师傅专业打磨,完美还原表壳光泽、多个立体斜面,展现出独特的意式美学, 2:字面为高档塘瓷字面,字钉采用CNC工艺,二斜边光令,中间拉直纹,同表壳相呼应。 3:机芯釆用由海鸥2824订制机芯改成BVL193 机芯外观尺寸一致,夹板釆用日内瓦条纹打磨,并对每个边缘都进行了倒角,彰显美感。 4:八角形底盖拉丝工艺一致,搭配订制的六角形螺丝,底盖编号一表一号。 5:表带釆用符合人体工程学设计,服贴手腕,搭配高档订制款折叠表扣,让你工作休闲二不误。

BV Factory-Bao -OCTO Series Wristwatch Size 41mmx10mm Seagull 2824 Custom Movement Changed to BVL193 Movement with the same appearance and size -Bao -OCTO series wrist watch size 41mmx10mm Seagull 2824 custom movement changed to BVL193 movement with the same appearance and size 1: The case is made of 316 fine steel, CNC carved and professionally polished by the factory master, which perfectly restores the luster of the case, and displays a unique Italian aesthetics. 2: Literally, it is high-grade Tang porcelain. The nail is CNC technology, with two bevel edges and straight lines in the middle, which echoes the case. 3: The movement was changed from Seagull 2824 to BVL193, with the same appearance and size. The splint was polished with Geneva stripes, and each edge was chamfered, showing the aesthetic feeling. 4: The drawing process of octagonal bottom cover is consistent, matched with custom-made hexagonal screws, and the bottom cover number is one table and one. 5: The strap is ergonomically designed, fitted to the wrist, and matched with high-grade custom-made folding clasp, so that you can work and relax.