爆款回货「渠道货保真」 VLB六针计时款,石英女表,天然珍珠贝母面,蓝宝石玻璃,50米防水,38mm表径,专柜售价一万+,送一条牛皮表带,可随意更换,从容应对每个季节!原盒加50!保真一手价!

Explosions returned to the goods “channel goods fidelity” VLB six-pin timing model, Shi Ying women’s watch, natural pearl fritillary noodles, sapphire glass, 50 meters waterproof, 38mm watch diameter, counter price of 10,000+,send a leather strap, which can be replaced at will, and calmly cope with each season! Add 50 to the original box! Fidelity first-hand price!


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