PPF V4 鹦鹉螺 黑武士手表缩略图

PPF V4 鹦鹉螺 黑武士手表

PPF V4 DCL版(金刚石碳涂层表壳)到货[色]第一款真正意义上的超级鹦鹉螺,震撼来袭,全新修正的不锈钢表带,铰链部分根据真正的百达翡丽鹦鹉螺不锈钢表带拆解开发,和正品一致的贴合效果,逆袭之前所有副本,铰链开合角度和正品一致,锁毕声音和正品相同,重点指出此次V4版的面盘在采用与真品一致的覆荧光涂层金质立体时标,特别突出的“蓝魅”面无限接近原版,机芯方面是全新订制的修正版的一体芯Cal.324机芯,是目前唯一做到机芯的钢印与正品一样的雕刻工艺。只有做到最好才配戴他去诗和远方,PPFactory.超级鹦鹉螺王中王!

PPF4DCL version (diamond carbon coated watchcase) arrived [color]. The first truly super Nautilus was shocked. The newly revised stainless steel strap, the hinge part was disassembled and developed according to the real Patek Philippe Nautilus stainless steel strap, and the fitting effect was the same as the genuine one. All copies before counterattack, the hinge opening and closing angle was the same as the genuine one, and the locking sound was the same as the genuine one. It is emphatically pointed out that the V4 version of the face plate adopts the gold three-dimensional time scale coated with fluorescent coating which is consistent with the genuine product, and the outstanding “blue charm” face is infinitely close to the original version. The movement is a newly customized modified version of the integral core Cal.324 movement, which is the only engraving process that can achieve the same steel seal as the genuine product at present. Wear him to poetry and distance only when you do your best, PPFactory. Super Nautilus Wang Zhongwang!