ZF 黑毒液手雷 40mm手表缩略图

ZF 黑毒液手雷 40mm手表

ZF新品预告[色]PP5167 “黑毒液手雷” “改装手表”一直是奢侈品的叛逆者! 而ZF则应运而生推出 以现有ZF PP5167手雷为蓝本通过DLC镀黑色金钢石碳 全新打造“黑毒液手雷”! DLC是一种“隐藏”在黑毒液背后的技术。是一种很有潜力的分子涂料,起源于军事领域,后来在其他领域得到了成功的应用。它不像PVD那样具有完全可逆性,而且不会产生更多的磁性残留物。一种浓密的深黑色,与皮革混合形成优雅的对比。每只手表都是为每个客户量身定制的。有了黑毒液,你不只是买了一块豪华手表。获得你自己的身份,成为一个真正的奢侈品叛逆者,这将使您与众不同! 【精彩细节】腕表尺寸40毫米 1.金刚石碳(DCL)涂层表壳,坚硬无比,无惧磨损。所有DLC黑色配件需要长达5-8周时间完成 2.依然采用定制版Cal.324一体机 3.天然橡胶表带+DLC金钢石碳涂层表扣 ZF出品 豪华叛逆风格

ZF new product preview [color ]PP5167 “black venom Grenade” “Retrofitting watches” has always been a rebel of luxury goods! And ZF came into being and launched a new “black venom grenade” based on the existing ZF PP5167 grenade and plated with black diamond and carbon through DLC! DLC is a technology “hidden” behind black venom. It is a kind of molecular coating with great potential, which originated in military field and has been successfully applied in other fields. It is not as reversible as PVD, and will not produce more magnetic residues. A thick dark black, blended with leather for elegant contrast. Each watch is tailored for each customer. With black venom, you didn’t just buy a luxury watch. Get your own identity and become a real luxury rebel, which will make you different! [Wonderful details] The watch size is 40 mm 1. Diamond carbon (DCL) coated watchcase is extremely hard and fearless of wear and tear. All DLC black accessories take up to 5-8 weeks to complete 2. The customized version of Cal.324 is still used 3. Natural rubber strap +DLC diamond carbon coating clasp ZF produces luxurious rebellious style