PPF新品[色][色][色]超级鹦鹉螺玫金玫版5711R-001 采用瑞士4N玫瑰金,色泽纯正、不生锈、抗腐蚀性、符合国际及行业标准。全新修正的不锈钢表带,铰链部分根据原装的鹦鹉螺不锈钢表带拆解开发,和正品一致的贴合效果,逆袭之前所有副本,铰链开合角度和正品一致,锁毕声音和正品相同,采用进口全新订制的修正版Cal.324机芯,修正了摆轮方向,剔除底层基础机芯摆轮,厚度最薄版本8.6mm与原装一致,只有做到最好才配戴他去诗和远方,PPFactory.超级鹦鹉螺

PPF new product [color] [color] [color] Super Nautilus Rose Mei Chin Edition 5711R-001 is made of Swiss 4N rose gold, which is pure in color, rust-free, corrosion-resistant and meets international and industrial standards. The newly revised stainless steel strap, the hinge part is disassembled and developed according to the original Nautilus stainless steel strap, which has the same fitting effect as the original one. Before the counterattack, all copies, the hinge opening and closing angle are the same as the original one, and the locking sound is the same as the original one. The imported newly customized revised Cal.324 movement is adopted, and the balance wheel direction is revised, and the underlying basic movement balance wheel is eliminated. The thinnest version is 8.6mm consistent with the original one. Only when you do your best, you can wear him to poetry and distance, PPFactory.