ZF卓越成就【顶级运动 典藏奢华】 ZF卓越成就——集运动休闲,商务正装一身的Patek Philippe海底探险者系列(ZF手雷 百达翡丽手雷)V3版:杨帆展航,震撼出击! 【卓越成就】修正市面所有版本的任何不足 1.重金购入原版开发 2.所有细节,跟足原装,做到如假包换 3.是目前市面上最薄,质感最好的超神副本 【表壳】厚积“薄”发 薄而有质 具有高辨识度的PP枕型外壳,仪态万方,佩戴贴手合腕,设计轻巧雅致。每一只工件都是复刻业界最尖端的技术结晶。 【技术突破】引领一体机时代 采用定制版Cal.324一体机——更薄,更稳,更像。 【尺寸】具体如下 38mm只有一只5165A 40mm分别是5167A 5167R 5167A/1A 5167A红色配色 42mm分别是5168G 5168G 动须相应 只为厚积“薄”发! ——ZF出品 必属精品!

ZF Outstanding Achievement [Luxury of Top Sports Collection] ZF Outstanding Achievement —— Patek Philippe Submarine Explorer Series (ZF Grenade Patek Philippe Grenade) V3 Edition: john young Exhibition and Navigation, Shocking Attack! [Outstanding achievement] Correct any shortcomings of all versions in the market. 1. Buy the original version for development with heavy money. 2. Follow the original ones in all details, so as to replace them with the original ones. 3. It is the thinnest and best-textured copy of God on the market at present. [Case] is thick, “thin”, thin, qualitative and highly recognizable PP pillow-shaped shell, with graceful manners, close hands and wrists, and light and elegant design. Each workpiece is the crystallization of the most cutting-edge technology in the reproduction industry. [Technical Breakthrough] Leading the era of all-in-one machine to adopt customized Cal.324 all-in-one machine-thinner, more stable and more alike. [size] as follows: there is only one 5165A 40mm in 38mm, which is 5167A 5167R 5167A/1A 5167A, and the red color matching is 42mm, which is 5168G 5168G, and the hair is thick and thin! -ZF products must be excellent products!