GR 全新PP百达..翡丽缩略图

GR 全新PP百达..翡丽

🔥GR🔥全新PP百达..翡丽 复杂功能AQUANAUT旅行家"手雷"5164A系列"V2"超强升级版🔥 全新V2技术重点突破 1⃣️:升级最新机芯为PP. Cal.324 S C FUS 一体机,机芯摆轮位置实现与正品一致方向,现为市面最高版本。 2⃣️:新款字面巧克力颗粒感形状更立体 3⃣️:精益求精 V2版机芯主夹板字体更细致 升级为最新换代甲板鸽子血红宝石 实现最接近正品的工艺。 🌞GR工厂🌞恭迎表迷品鉴

GR new PP patek Philippe AQUANAUT traveler “grenade” "5164A series “V2” super upgraded version new v2 technical key breakthrough 1: upgrade the latest movement to PP. Cal.324 S C FUS all-in-one machine, and the movement balance position is consistent with the genuine one, which is now the highest version in the market. 2. The new literal chocolate grainy shape is more three-dimensional 3. Keep improving. The font of the V2 movement main splint is more detailed and upgraded to the latest generation of deck pigeon blood ruby to realize the closest authentic technology. GR factory welcomes table fans to taste