PPF崭新成就 在创力作—推出百达翡丽AQUANAUT女装机械系列缩略图

PPF崭新成就 在创力作—推出百达翡丽AQUANAUT女装机械系列

PPF崭新成就 在创力作—推出百达翡丽AQUANAUT女装“最美湛蓝色”PPF崭新成就 在创力作—推出百达翡丽AQUANAUT女装机械系列,打造市面最佳副本,带来全网最佳体验,英姿飒爽 典藏奢华欢迎各路表友品鉴。 【表壳】 1.腕表尺寸35.6 X 9.5mm 圆润的八角形表壳与原装一致,保持着复古的造型和精湛的做工。 2.旋入式把头设计和实心底盖结构吻合与原版。 3.表圈镶嵌46颗顶级施华洛世奇水晶(1克拉)表壳镶嵌88颗顶级施华洛世奇水晶(1.91克拉) 【精彩细节】 1.采用与原装一致的天然复合橡胶(Tropical)材质,经久耐磨,可抵抗海水侵蚀和紫外线辐射。 2.完美克隆Aquanaut经典式折叠式表扣,即使在非常细小的拐角处上也做有倒角润饰,确保还原正品般的舒适感。 【最大亮点】采用PPF独家定制版CAL.324机芯,修正摆轮板桥方向,剔除底层基础机芯摆轮达到最薄状态。

PPF’s new achievement is a masterpiece-launching Patek Philippe AQUANAUT women’s “the most beautiful blue color” PPF’s new achievement is a masterpiece-launching Patek Philippe AQUANAUT women’s mechanical series, creating the best copy in the market and bringing the best experience in the whole network, and welcoming customers from all walks of life for tasting. [Case] 1. the size of the watch is 35.6 X 9.5mm, and the round octagonal case is consistent with the original one, maintaining the retro style and exquisite workmanship. 2. The design of screw-in handle and the structure of solid bottom cover coincide with the original version. 3. The bezel is inlaid with 46 top Swarovski crystals (1 carat) and the case is inlaid with 88 top Swarovski crystals (1.91 carat) [Wonderful details] 1. it is made of natural composite rubber (Tropical) which is consistent with the original one, which is durable and resistant to seawater erosion and ultraviolet radiation. 2. The classic folding clasp of Aquanaut is perfectly cloned, and even at very small corners, it is finished with chamfering, which ensures that the authentic comfort is restored. [The biggest highlight] It adopts the exclusive customized version of CAL.324 movement of PPF, corrects the direction of the balance plate bridge, and eliminates the underlying basic movement to achieve the thinnest state.