GR最新百 达 翡 丽Nautilus年历碗表5726系列缩略图

GR最新百 达 翡 丽Nautilus年历碗表5726系列

🔥GR最新百 达 翡 丽Nautilus年历碗表5726系列🔥巧夺天工v2版本 碾压市面所有版本 不服来辩。 1⃣️鬼斧神工钻石菱形表带,铰链真正的百达翡丽不绣钢表带拆解开发,每一节中间处都为钻石形状,并且是抛光质感,锁毕声音同正品相同,卸除表扣,放桌子上表带可持平,可见其柔软性,不计成本重金打造,只为佩戴起来效果同原装一致,市面版本滥竽充数且夸夸其谈,购买请认准GR出品。 2⃣️重点技术突破,V2版本同时推出全新功能,新功能六点位置同步正品一致一个月转动一圈,隐藏侧面按键数字5位置可快调月相。升级后的V2版本同时对V1版本的各个按键功能进行优化(隐藏侧面按键数字10位置可快调月份,右边隐藏侧面按键数字2可快调星期)。 3⃣️精益求精,修正V1版本月相光面不良问题,升级后的月相盘上的星辰与月亮也同时升级为正品喷砂工艺。 【炎炎夏季最新福利】V2版本同时推出百达翡丽Nautilus年历腕表5726系列橡胶胶带,正品开模橡胶胶带,搭配的是正品一致的折叠扣,男士夏季手臂爱流汗的福利,[得意]数量不多,抢完为止!

GR latest patek Philippe Nautilus calendar bowl table 5726 series wonderful workmanship v2 version crushed all versions in the market. 1 uncanny workmanship DIA diamond strap, hinge genuine Patek Philippe stainless steel strap disassembled and developed, the middle part of each section is DIA shape and polished texture, the sound is the same as the genuine one after locking, the strap can be flat after removing the clasp and placing it on the table, which shows its softness, and it is made at no cost, only for the same effect as the original one, and the market version is full of numerous and full of talk, so please look for GR products when buying. Breakthrough of key technologies, V2 version introduces new functions at the same time. The new functions are synchronized at six o’clock, and the genuine products rotate once a month. The 5 position of hidden side buttons can quickly adjust the moon phase. The upgraded V2 version optimizes the key functions of V1 version at the same time (hide the side key number 10 to quickly adjust the month, and hide the side key number 2 to quickly adjust the week). 3 Keep improving, correct the problem of poor smooth surface of lunar phase in V1 version, and upgrade the stars and moon on the upgraded lunar phase plate to genuine sandblasting process at the same time. [Latest welfare in hot summer] V2 version also introduces Patek Philippe Nautilus calendar watch 5726 series rubber tape, genuine mold-opening rubber tape, matched with genuine and consistent folding buckle, and the welfare of men’s arms sweating in summer. [Proud] The number is small, so as to finish it!