FL 古典5088系列 雕花工艺缩略图

FL 古典5088系列 雕花工艺

优雅百搭的Calatrava雕花表壳极具个性,38.6毫米的表经适配大众男性手寸,非常商务可亦‬休闲。整表(表壳 表盘 表扣)以黑色搪瓷再饰以漩涡图案和藤蔓花纹,视觉冲击力强,令人过目不忘,实物质感更加优美。 机芯同样诚意满满,极致复刻了百达翡丽Cal.240机芯,搭载定制版原生两针珍珠陀机芯(无日历档),可大大降低故障率。机芯共含315个零件,12个夹板,45颗宝石,振频28800次/小时,最大动力存储可达48小时。

The elegant and versatile Calatrava carved case is very individual, and the 38.6mm watch is suitable for the public men’s hands, which is very business and leisure. The whole watch (buckle of case dial) is decorated with black enamel and vortex pattern and vine pattern, which has strong visual impact, makes people unforgettable, and makes the physical texture more beautiful. The movement is also full of sincerity, and the Patek Philippe Cal.240 movement is reproduced to the extreme, and the customized version of the original two-pin Pearl Tuo movement (without calendar file) can greatly reduce the failure rate. The movement consists of 315 parts, 12 splints and 45 gems, with a vibration frequency of 28,800 times/hour and a maximum power storage of 48 hours.