TW出品 的手雷副本缩略图

TW出品 的手雷副本

TW出品 的手雷副本,百达翡丽 Patek Philippe-5167A最强手雷副本来袭,TW出品 的手雷副本,百达翡丽 Patek Philippe-5167A最强手雷副本来袭,全新匠心作品,原装1:1开模,表壳尺寸40*8.6MM,吻合原装,同原装字面一致浮雕字面,正面看有很强的手雷3D立体感,复合材质橡胶表带,舒适贴手,机芯搭载复刻版Cal.324SC机芯。最具性价比雷王,不服来辩!

The grenade copy produced by TW, the strongest grenade copy produced by TW, Patek Philippe-5167A, the new ingenious work, original 1:1 mold opening, case size 40*8.6MM, consistent with the original, identical with the original literal, embossed literally, with strong 3D stereo feeling of grenade, composite rubber strap. The most cost-effective Lei Wang, refuses to accept to argue!