3K厂 百达又一力作。缩略图

3K厂 百达又一力作。

3K厂最高版本”芯”百达翡丽手雷 3K-Factory“秒天神作”唯一媲美正品的副本! “唯一”正品完美互换真正Cal.324C机芯! 全新订制版百达翡丽专Cal.324SC自动上链机芯。厚度和正品一致完全实现。整机根据真正的Cal.324SC机芯设计-1:1尊重原厂设计,傲视市面上一切副本百达翡丽。 机芯尺寸“27.0mm”厚度“3.3mm”动力存储“45小时”数据正品一致! 腕表尺寸40mm,厚度8.3mm,全网最薄! “没人能拥有百达翡丽,只不过为下一代保管而已。”

The highest version of “Core” Patek Philippe Grenade in 3K Factory 3K-Factory’s only copy of “Seconds Made by God” is comparable to the authentic one! “the only” genuine and perfectly interchangeable genuine Cal.324C movement! A new customized version of Patek Philippe Cal.324SC self-winding movement. The thickness is consistent with that of genuine products. The whole machine is designed according to the real Cal.324SC movement -1:1, respecting the original design and despising all copies of Patek Philippe in the market. The movement size “27.0mm”, thickness “3.3mm” and power storage “45 hours” data are authentic and consistent! The wristwatch is 40mm in size and 8.3mm in thickness, making it the thinnest in the whole network! “No one can own Patek Philippe, just keep it for the next generation.”