R8厂震憾来袭.新品优先.PATEK PHILIPP E(百达)刚表之王缩略图

R8厂震憾来袭.新品优先.PATEK PHILIPP E(百达)刚表之王

R8厂震憾来袭.新品优先.PATEK PHILIPP E(百达翡丽)刚表之王不仅仅遵循了传统的经典设计,同时也考虑到现代的流行趋势审美风格。璀璨钻石赋予了腕表多几分精致与华美。诠释了精致工艺升华之作。表壳表带采用了雪花镶嵌工艺。共镶嵌3236颗钻石 这种镶嵌工艺要求很高。尽可能的消除金质在钻石之间露出的痕迹。让腕表熠熠生辉。尽显精致和匠心。机芯采用进口9015改。Cαl.324 S C自动机械机芯。表直径40cm。八,k白金施华洛世奇美钻  宝石双面水晶剑镜面。日历功能显示。50米深度防水,瑞士超强夜光。

The R8 factory is shocked. New products are preferred. PATEK PHILIPP E (Patek Philippe), the king of just watches, not only follows the traditional classic design, but also considers the modern fashion trend and aesthetic style. Brilliant DIA endows the watch with more delicacy and beauty. Explained the exquisite craft sublimation work. The watch case strap is inlaid with snowflakes. A total of 3236 DIA are inlaid, which is very demanding. Eliminate the traces of gold between DIA as much as possible. Make your watch shine. Exquisite and ingenious. The movement is changed from imported 9015. Cαl.324 S C automatic mechanical movement. The diameter of the watch is 40cm. Eight, k white gold swarovski diamond gem double-sided crystal sword mirror. Calendar function is displayed. 50 meters deep waterproof, Swiss super luminous.