PF厂 V2版 百达翡丽 鹦鹉螺 钢表之王5711缩略图

PF厂 V2版 百达翡丽 鹦鹉螺 钢表之王5711

PF震撼出品 钢表之王5711 40周年纪念 全网最佳**方案,搭配日本9015改Cal.324自动上链机芯,定制级人体工程学表带,和正的使用相同原理设计,全套PP原双封式包装盒,全网体验最佳的【PF出品】

PF shocked to produce the best * * scheme of the whole network for the 40th anniversary of the king of steel watch 5711, with Japan’s 9015 to Cal.324 automatic winding movement, customized ergonomic strap, and positive design using the same principle, a full set of PP original double-sealed packaging box, the best experience in the whole network [PF produced]