MKS厂新品 百达翡丽 鹦鹉螺缩略图

MKS厂新品 百达翡丽 鹦鹉螺

【表壳】腕表尺寸40mmX9mm 枕型的外壳动感流畅,圆润的八角形表圈精巧独特。MKS竭心尽力复制经典,将其还原。

MKS breakthrough Patek Philippe’s popular masterpiece Nautilus 5711 watch. After many revisions and repeated adjustments, it returned perfectly and shocked.
[Case] The size of the watch is 40mmX9mm. The pillow-shaped shell is dynamic and smooth, and the round octagonal bezel is exquisite and unique. MKS tried its best to copy the classics and restore them.
[Steel band] As the soul of wristwatch, the workmanship of steel band needs to reach its peak. It feels smooth and does not hurt the skin. At the same time, it needs to stick to the hands and breathe freely. The texture is extraordinary, ensuring the original perfect experience.
[Movement] The ultra-stable Meyda 9015 movement was changed to the original CAL.324 movement. The large and small splints are well-made, and the bronzing lettering is strong and the color is in place.
MKS’s popular masterpiece Nautilus 5711 watch, please taste it from all watches