ZF再推“钢王爆品”江诗丹顿伍陆之型系列三针腕表 【运动商务皆可盘,格调 品味两不失!】 【三大核心竞争力】腕表尺寸40mmX9.6mm 1.原装在手,捕捉神韵,拆解开模,对位精髓! 2.搭载定制版1326型机芯,引领一体机的时代! 3.线条丰富的壳体通过一年半时间才完美破译,独家诠释江诗丹顿的高端打磨和无与伦比的感官度和冲击力! 【逼格满满 格调非常】 1.表带采用最顶级的意大利胎牛皮,搭配VC原厂手工缝制技艺。 2.马耳他十字蝴蝶表扣。 千锤百炼出深山 万众瞩目朝“西”来 ZF最新钢王 欢迎各路表友鉴赏把玩!

ZF pushes the “Steel King Explosives” Vacheron Constantin’s series of three-pin watches [Sports business can be set, style and taste can not be lost! 】 [Three core competitiveness] The size of the watch is 40mmX9.6mm 1. Original in hand, capture the charm, disassemble and open the mold, and align the essence! 2. Equipped with customized version of 1326 movement, leading the era of all-in-one machine! 3. It took a year and a half for the shell with rich lines to be perfectly deciphered, which exclusively interprets Vacheron Constantin’s high-end polishing and unparalleled sensory and impact! [Forced to be full of style] 1. the strap is made of the top Italian calfskin, which is matched with the manual sewing skill of VC original factory. 2. Maltese cross butterfly clasp. Thousands of hammering out the mountains and paying attention to the “west” ZF’s latest steel king welcomes all kinds of table friends to appreciate and play!