XF年中巨作-纵横四海海外超薄2000V 1,独家研发超薄一体机芯缩略图

XF年中巨作-纵横四海海外超薄2000V 1,独家研发超薄一体机芯

XF年中巨作-纵横四海海外超薄2000V 1,独家研发超薄一体机芯 2,媲美原装一样大小的针轴 3,与原装功能一致的快拆表带 4,超薄壳型8.3mm

XF mid-year masterpiece-ultra-thin 2000V overseas 1. Exclusive research and development of ultra-thin integrated movement 2, comparable to the original needle shaft of the same size 3. Quick release strap with the same original function 4. Ultra-thin shell type 8.3mm