MKS 新品江诗丹顿传承系列84100U/00R-B180 【表壳】尺寸35 七夕情人节首发【给你心爱的女神配备🎁🎁 】MKS新品江诗丹顿传承系列84100U/00R-B180 【表壳】尺寸35mmX9mm(吻合原装)完美圆形的表壳,搭配微孤式表耳设计,使之更加贴合佩戴者的手腕。每一个成品壳套,都需经过MKS严格的质量把控,方能还原正品独特的质感 【机芯】9015改江诗丹顿自产2450机芯。从夹板到钢轮等部件均由MKS制表师精工装饰,精准密度达到天文台级别。自动摆坨更是镀有18k黄金,最大限度呈现原装精湛的工艺水平。 【表镜】前后两片蓝宝石玻璃镜面,均有防眩晕镀膜处理。 【表带】双层意大利小牛皮,搭配马耳他十字针扣。 MKS:追求完美,成就非凡

MKS new Vacheron Constantin inheritance series 84100U/00R-B180 [Case] Size 35 Tanabata Valentine’s Day starts [equip your beloved goddess] MKS new Vacheron Constantin inheritance series 84100U/00R-B180 [Case] A perfectly round case with a size of 35mmX9mm (conforming to the original one), which is matched with a micro-isolated ear design to make it fit the wrist of the wearer better. Every finished shell must undergo strict quality control by MKS to restore the unique texture of genuine products [Movement] 9015 changed to Vacheron Constantin’s self-produced 2450 movement. Parts from plywood to steel wheel are elaborately decorated by MKS watchmakers, and the precision density reaches the observatory level. Automatic pendulum is plated with 18k yellow gold, showing original exquisite craftsmanship to the utmost extent. [Mirror] The front and rear sapphire glass mirrors are coated with anti-vertigo coating. [Strap] Double Italian calfskin with Maltese cross buckle. MKS: Pursuing perfection and making extraordinary achievements