V9格拉苏蒂原创议员1-36-04款原装开模副本,突破了市场版本日历无法双跳的BUG,3D打印开模立体月相盘(非平面),同步原装尺寸40mm*12mm,配件均可通用原装,白面珍珠白颗粒感十足。入手理由: 1、【机芯强大】机芯实现了原装一样的双跳日历功能,采用进口NH35作为基础机芯,在功能完整的情况下确保稳定性,返修率极低; 2、【字面乱真】字面刻度、窗口和针位布局几乎和原装一模一样,字体粗细、笔锋和光泽丝毫不逊色原装,白面和原装一样的珍珠白,颗粒感细腻质感强; 3、【3D月相盘】市场唯一一家突破与正品同步的3D月相技术(非平面); 4、【配件通用】得益于所有配件按原装开模的好处,壳、表扣、圈口、底盖玻璃等外触零件都可以通用原装,壳型98%接近原装; 5、【魔鬼细节】表针针面做过抛光处理,针尖圆润(烧蓝钢指针中的极品,很多鉴定专家以表针针尖一刀切判定为假表,小厂限于成本问题不会用),这种指针工艺报废率极高,表壳倒角细节之处,线条超顺滑,侧面拉沙和原装一样,CNC+人工打磨五金,五金上的所有LOGO等腐蚀字不保留任何加工痕迹,镜面通透度极高,仿佛没有玻璃。 这是真正内外兼顾的一款格拉苏蒂原创副本,而且价格不贵。致敬原装也感谢早期市面版本的试水,才有了如今这么优质的作品。

V9 Glashü tte original councilor 1-36-04 original mold-opening copy, breaking through the BUG that the market version calendar can’t double-jump, 3D printing mold-opening stereo moon plate (non-planar), synchronous original size 40mm*12mm, accessories can be universal and original, and white pearl white is full of graininess. Reasons for starting: 1. [Powerful movement] The movement realizes the same double-hop calendar function as the original one, and adopts imported NH35 as the basic movement to ensure stability under the condition of complete functions, and the repair rate is extremely low; 2, [Literally confusing] The layout of the literal scale, window and needle position is almost exactly the same as the original one. The font thickness, pen tip and luster are not inferior to the original one. The white face is the same as the original pearl white, with delicate graininess and strong texture; 3. [3D Moon Phase Plate] The only 3D moon phase technology in the market that breaks through and synchronizes with genuine products (non-planar); 4. [General accessories] Thanks to the benefits of all accessories being opened according to the original mold, the external contact parts such as shell, clasp, ring mouth and bottom cover glass can be universally original, and the shell type is 98% close to the original; 5. [Devil’s details] The needle surface of the watch has been polished, and the needle tip is round (the best in burning blue steel pointers, many experts judge the needle tip as a fake watch across the board, and small factories will not use it due to cost problems). This kind of pointer technology has a very high scrap rate, and the chamfer details of the watch case have super smooth lines, and the side sand is the same as the original one. CNC+ artificial polishing hardware, all the corrosive words such as LOGO on the hardware do not retain any processing marks, and the mirror surface is transparent. This is an original copy of Glashü tte, which takes both inside and outside into consideration, and the price is not expensive. Pay tribute to the original and thank the early version of the market for testing the water, so that today’s high-quality works are produced.