TZ Glashü tte’s original eccentric series 1-90-02-42-32-05 watches, which took 3 years to open and build, perfectly restored one third of the German deck of the brand, with a wonderful double-jump calendar, beautifully polished movement, 40mmX13.5mm in size and quenched and burned blue steel hands. The layout of the dial follows the golden ratio. The hour/minute dial and the small second hand dial are still located on the left side of the dial, with the center of the circle aligned vertically, and the big date and exquisite moon phase display are below and above the right, respectively. The rhodium-plated silver hour scale is located under the hour hand, minute hand and second hand of blue steel. The unique big date display and the silver moon and stars in the moon phase display plate are embedded in the deep blue night sky, which makes this watch more perfect.