【TW正装典范】格拉苏蒂原创偏心系列1-90-02-42-32-05款腕表,原装正品开模 【字面】为了以最大限度的还原字面细节而购置原装正品进行开模打造,完美还原了 2点位置日相正常运行,淬火烧蓝钢指针。表盘的布局遵循黄金分割比例,小时/分钟刻度盘和小秒针表盘依然位于表盘偏左位置,圆心垂直对齐,大日期和精湛的月相显示分别在其下方和右上方。镀铑银色小时刻度位于蓝钢时针、分针和秒针之下,独特的大日期显示,月相显示盘中银色的月亮和星辰嵌在深蓝的夜空中,使该款腕表更加完美。 【表壳】腕表尺寸40mm,为了能媲美原版的拉砂与光泽,TW采用了进口316L精钢铸胚,比普通的316L成本高了好几倍,玻璃材质更是采用了瑞士进口蓝宝石玻璃镜面.更加的光亮透彻。 表壳中每一道拉丝或是抛光都是台湾工厂顶级制表的体现。 【机芯】采用了ST21系列机芯,为了不破坏原装厂机芯的稳定性与上链动能问题.所以机芯上并没有做过多余的变动,只为带来更加完美的佩戴体验。 【表扣】特别选择亚洲版格拉苏蒂原装扣一比一开模制造

[TW Dressing Model] Glashü tte’s original eccentric series 1-90-02-42-32-05 watches, the original genuine open mold [Literally] In order to restore the literal details to the maximum extent, the original authentic products were purchased for mold opening, which perfectly restored the normal operation of the solar phase at 2 o’clock position and quenched the blue-burning steel pointer. The layout of the dial follows the golden ratio. The hour/minute dial and the small second hand dial are still located on the left side of the dial, with the center of the circle aligned vertically, and the big date and exquisite moon phase display are below and above the right, respectively. The rhodium-plated silver hour scale is located under the hour hand, minute hand and second hand of blue steel. The unique big date display and the silver moon and stars in the moon phase display plate are embedded in the deep blue night sky, which makes this watch more perfect. [Case] The size of the watch is 40mm. In order to match the original sanding and luster, TW adopts imported 316L fine steel casting blank, which is several times higher than the ordinary 316L. The glass material is made of Swiss imported sapphire glass mirror, which is more bright and thorough. Every drawing or polishing in the watch case is the embodiment of the top watchmaking in Taiwan factory. [Movement] ST21 series movement is adopted. In order not to damage the stability and winding kinetic energy of the original factory movement, no extra changes have been made on the movement, just to bring a more perfect wearing experience. [Table buckle] Specially select the original buckle of the Asian version of Glashü tte for one-to-one mold manufacturing