【FK厂】女款格拉原创39-22-11-22-44 贝壳花面镶钻缩略图

【FK厂】女款格拉原创39-22-11-22-44 贝壳花面镶钻

FK工厂女表强势推出,格拉苏蒂39-22-08-02-44 尺寸36毫米 厚10.2毫米 上、下两面均为蓝宝石,蓝宝石把头,漂亮的天然贝壳面, 机芯修饰夹板, 圈口跟正品保持一致同样可以拧开,整表原装开模。比例完全一比一化。MS1M-S3/0BY。

FK factory women’s watches are strongly launched. Grasu Ti 39-22-08-02-44, 36 mm thick and 10.2 mm in both upper and lower sides are sapphire. Sapphire handle, beautiful natural shell surface, movement decoration splint, ring mouth consistent with genuine products can also be unscrewed, and the whole watch can be opened. The ratio is completely one to one. MS1M-S3/0BY。