【YL厂】格拉-复古经典款 搭配9015机芯缩略图

【YL厂】格拉-复古经典款 搭配9015机芯

【YL厂】格拉-复古经典款 搭配9015机芯 最高难度的“锅盖”蓝宝石玻璃! 机芯:西铁城9015自动机械机芯 尺寸:39×9.5mm 表壳:316精钢表壳 表镜:蓝宝石镜面 表带:牛皮表带,针扣 防水:防水30米

[YL Factory] Guerra-vintage classic is matched with sapphire glass with the most difficult “pot cover” of 9015 movement! Movement: Citizen 9015 automatic mechanical movement Dimensions: 39×9.5mm Case: 316 fine steel case Watch mirror: sapphire mirror Strap: cowhide strap, pin buckle Waterproof: 30 meters waterproof