【FK厂】女款格拉苏蒂原创39-22-11-22-44深灰贝壳面 有钻无钻2款 专柜一致 完美复刻 表径:36毫米 表壳厚度:10.2毫米 表盘颜色:深灰 表盘形状:圆形 表带颜色:灰蓝色 表扣类型:针扣 背透:背透 重量:暂无 防水深度:50米

[FK Factory] Women’s Glashü tte original 39-22-11-22-44 dark gray shell surface with drill and no drill, 2 counters are consistent and perfect. Gauge diameter: 36mm Case thickness: 10.2 mm Dial color: dark gray Dial shape: round Strap color: gray blue Type of buckle: pin buckle Back penetration: back penetration Weight: temporarily unavailable Waterproof depth: 50m