BBR厂.全力冲刺、最新罗杰杜彼EXCALIBUR(王者系列)RDDBEX0261 此表款不仅完美呈现了Roger Dubuis罗杰杜彼表厂与其腕表系列设计的价值理念,也淋漓展现了灵感的精神。搭载着RD520上链机芯,在7点半位置展现犹如凯尔特十字架的飞行陀飞轮框架,并且在10点半位置展现独特罗杰杜彼微型摆陀。其表盘符合该系列独特美学元素,经过精心别致的构思而展现崭新面貌,表壳:直径47mm.厚度15.5毫米。为追求个性与独特的表友所设计,并且融合了一股显然易见的豪情气魄。请广大表友鉴赏与多多支持

BBR Factory. Full sprint, the latest Roger Dubi EXCALIBUR (King Series) RDDBEX0261 This watch model not only perfectly presents the value concept of Roger Dubuis and its watch series design, but also shows the spirit of inspiration. Equipped with RD520 winding movement, the flying tourbillon frame like Celtic cross is displayed at 7: 30, and the unique Roger dubi miniature pendulum is displayed at 10: 30. Its dial conforms to the unique aesthetic elements of this series, and shows a brand-new look after careful and unique conception. The case has a diameter of 47mm and a thickness of 15.5 mm. Designed for the pursuit of individuality and unique cousins, it combines an obvious pride and boldness of vision. Please express your appreciation and support