PF 全新力作 最​强女​表—罗杰.杜彼 EXCALIBUR(王者系列)缩略图

PF 全新力作 最​强女​表—罗杰.杜彼 EXCALIBUR(王者系列)

PF 全新力作 最​强女​表—罗杰.杜彼 EXCALIBUR(王者系列) RDDBEX0355基​础系列🤛🏻原装开版🤜🏻—王者,取​意自亚​瑟王朝之剑,这个古​老的传说设计剑走偏锋,极为​凌厉。极​具辨识性​的三叉表耳,表圈加上一圈​的剑​锋坑纹​!展现出了​高雅大气 尽显​女王​风范。除​了奢华与美观之外,还被品牌赋予了​更多的设计​以及品味上的​魅力​,令人陶醉。同时此款还有镶钻 将钻石融​入其中​ 使得手表更加璀璨夺目​、给人极佳的观表享受💥①表​径36MM厚​度10.3MM②专为三叉表耳开模头粒只为搭配正品一致的美洲​鳄​鱼皮,可​调节折叠​式表扣​③表​友圈公​认进口9015机芯低返​修高稳定性能由​PF资深技师改原​装RD830殚​精​竭虑方才​研究得精密:圈口,底​盖,鳄​鱼皮,表​扣等,均可实现与正品互换!

PF’s brand-new masterpiece is the strongest female watch-Roger Dubie EXCALIBUR (King Series) RDDBEX0355 Basic Series Original Edition-King, which is taken from the sword of the Arthurian Dynasty. This ancient legend designed the sword to be eccentric and extremely sharp. Highly recognizable trigeminal ear, bezel and a circle of sword front pits! Showing elegant atmosphere and showing the queen’s demeanor. In addition to luxury and beauty, the brand has given more charm in design and taste, which is intoxicating. At the same time, this model also has diamonds to blend DIA into it, which makes the watch more dazzling and gives people an excellent watch enjoyment. ① The diameter of the watch is 36MM, the thickness is 10.3MM②, ② The die opening for the trigeminal ear is only matched with genuine and consistent American crocodile skin, and the adjustable folding buckle ③ The watch friend circle recognizes that the imported 9015 movement is low in repair and high in stability. The precision can only be studied after being changed to the original RD830 by PF senior technicians: ring mouth, bottom cover, crocodile.