大器晚成 王者归来!ZF精雕细镂,尽心竭力,成就永恒经典——共同品鉴ZF圆桌骑士系列腕表RDDBEX0495! 【表壳】腕表尺寸45mmX15.7mm。突破市场之前所有版本,修正不足之处,精益求精,一丝不苟——像原版致敬! 【技术突破】 1.价值不菲的12铜人全部采用和正品一致古铜材料进行微雕,手工微雕耗时耗力。但却可以带来杰出的效果,每位骑士仅有6.5毫米的高度,却栩栩如生。 2.整个表壳圆润适手,看似笨拙实则蕴含无数心血,圈口的三角坑纹需经大量CNC处理,在由资历老练的制表师一一修润。 3.半球状穹顶玻璃经过特殊HD镀膜技术处理,无论是在哪个角度,都可以展现和欣赏12铜人的精彩细节。 【机芯】采用精准稳定的日本进口9015机芯! 【表带扣】与原装一致,表带与表头连接处之内采用军用橡胶塑性填充。为了达到正品一样的效果,ZF不断测试,确保与表带,表壳连接的兼容性!过度平滑,流畅,使佩戴者不仅感到舒适,也确保整体协调共生美感。 ZF出品 必属精品 因为用心 所以专业!

Come back late as a king! With meticulous carving and dedication, ZF will achieve eternal classics-tasting together RDDBEX0495, a series of knight watches of ZF Round Table! [Case] The size of the watch is 45 mm x 15.7 mm. Break through all versions before the market, correct shortcomings, keep improving and be meticulous-pay tribute to the original version!

[technical breakthrough]

1. All the valuable 12 bronze people use bronze materials consistent with the authentic ones for micro-carving, and manual micro-carving is time-consuming and labor-intensive. But it can bring outstanding results, each knight is only 6.5 mm high, but lifelike. 2. The whole watch case is round and easy to handle, but it seems clumsy. In fact, it contains countless painstaking efforts. The triangular pits at the ring mouth need to be processed by a large number of CNC and repaired by experienced watchmakers. 3. The hemispherical dome glass is treated by special HD coating technology, which can show and appreciate the wonderful details of 12 bronze men from any angle. [movement] adopts the precise and stable movement imported from Japan 9015! [watchband buckle] is the same as the original one, and the joint between the watchband and the meter head is filled with military rubber plastic. In order to achieve the same effect as genuine products, ZF constantly tests to ensure compatibility with strap and case connection! Excessive smoothness and fluency not only make the wearer feel comfortable, but also ensure the overall harmonious and symbiotic aesthetic feeling. ZF products must be high-quality products because they are professional with care!