JB罗杰王者系列双飞行陀飞轮,搭载两颗飞行真陀飞轮稳定运行,史上价值最高的复刻手表(型号:白壳白面RDDBEX0250,金壳白面RDDBEX0249,白壳黑面RDDBEX0291,金壳黑面RDDBEX0280)。全面抄写原装数据开模表壳和字面,内外兼修,机芯架构和外在还原度达到95%以上,这是复刻界又一历史时刻,架设RD01陀飞轮手动上链板块,每一颗机芯都要经历数十次模拟QE测试和上百次调试直至稳定合格,静止情况下手动可上链80圈左右,镀18k金圈口,直径45mm,两颗陀飞轮匀速转动,优雅动人,满足你的感官,冲击旁人目光,并且最大限度的克服地心引力阻障,走时精准无比。正反蓝宝石水晶玻璃,自带美洲真鳄鱼皮,原装RD折叠扣,背面克隆罗杰杜彼先生签名。巅峰之作,绝无仅有,数量少得可怜,Roger Dubuis double Tourbillon值得钟表爱好者收藏。JB厂-专为顶级真陀飞轮而生腕表

The JB Roger King series dual flight tourbillon is equipped with two replica watches (model: RDDBEX0250 with white shell and white face, RDDBEX0249 with white shell and black face, RDDBEX0291 with black shell and RDDBEX0280 with the highest value in history). Completely copy the original data, open the mold case and literal, repair both inside and outside, and the movement structure and external reduction degree reach more than 95%. This is another historical moment in the replica industry. When the RD01 tourbillon is manually wound, each movement has to undergo dozens of simulated QE tests and hundreds of debugging until it is stable and qualified. It can be wound for about 80 times manually under static conditions, plated with 18k gold ring, with a diameter of 45mm, and two tourbillon rotating at a constant speed, which is elegant and moving. Positive and negative sapphire crystal glass, with American crocodile skin, original RD folding buckle, and signature of Roger Dubi cloned on the back. The best work is unique, and the quantity is pitiful. Roger Dubuis double Tourbillon is worth collecting for watch lovers. JB Factory-watches specially made for top real tourbillon